Organic home bred Diced Mutton


Please note this is a seasonal product that will only be available certain months of the year (approx September to November)

Each pack contains approx 500g

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We have a season for our mutton, because we only use animals that have finished their breeding life we only have a certain amount available each year. And when its gone its gone. We have a restaurant customer that orders them whole. They had AA Gill in one night doing a review, I got a frantic call from the chef on Sunday evening. ?There?s a restaurant critic in for dinner tonight, how old is the mutton?. ?Oh gosh, I suppose 5 or 6 years? I said ?and who is it?? ?AA Gill? came the reply. ?Well you?d better go so and tell him?. The review came out ? ?AMAZING? he said of our mutton. Well that?s nice to hear, and it is. Get some of this diced, and turn it into all those lovely muttony things that we used to think weren?t nice but now can be: Irish Stew, Lancashire hot pot. Honest the flavour is outstanding


Hugh Grierson Organic