Organic home bred Mutton Mince


Please note this is a seasonal product that will only be available certain months of the year (approx. September to January)

Each pack contains 500g

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So whats with the #EasyCare sheep breed? It?s not really a breed but more a collection of genetic traits that make up a really super mother sheep. She sheds her own wool each year when the weather warms up, so if she looks a little scraggly in April or May that?s why. You don?t have to round her up and clip her, a stressful thing for a sheep and demanding physical work for the person doing the shearing. Hence the name ?easycare?. But does the meat taste good? These genetic traits were common in the times before the industrial revolution, when sheep were bred for meat alone and not bred for holding onto a big wooly fleece. That was an agricultural improvement made in the late 18th century when wool became valuable. So the great tasting meat trait goes with the wool shedding. The mutton mince is fabulous. Nice and fatty, full of flavour, and makes a tip top shepherds pie.

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