At Hugh Grierson Organic, we work hard to get your order correct, but sometimes things go wrong…

Office hours are 9-5pm

Sometimes we cannot fix the problem, things can happen that are out with our control. e.g. transport links get jammed with accidents or bad weather and your order cannot get to you on time.

My order has not arrived

Email or call 01738 730 201 and we can track your parcel, and offer you up to date information

There is an item in my delivery that I did not order

We may have substituted something as we did not have your original item. Please drop us an email at or call us on 01738 730201 and we
can help you with that.

There is something missing from my order

Call us on 01738 730201, if you would like to discuss it. Sometimes we do not have the product available and there is no obvious substitute. E.g. you have ordered ox tongue, and we did not get it back from the Abattoir.

The Margiotta store says it does not have my order

Call us on 01738 730201 and we will try to track it down

The label on an item is wrong

Sometimes this happens, as a small business, all the work is done by hand and sometimes humans make mistakes. If this happens you can call us but if the product is what you wanted, then you will
have paid the correct amount online. The use by date will be correct.

The product is different to the item I wanted

For example, I ordered thighs but got drumsticks labelled as thighs. This can happen again due to human error, give us a call on 01738 730201 and if there is a price difference, we shall sort it out.

The products in my order do not look like the website pictures

The pictures on the website are of our produce. These items were not packed for delivery prior to being photographed, so they look a little different.