Organic rare breed Pork Liver (FROZEN)


Use in a pate for a traditional organic taste, each pack contains approximately 300g.

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In all animals, as with humans, the liver tells the story of that animals life, as the liver is the organ that processes and eliminates toxins. So choose organic pork liver from a free ranging pig and it will be dark, firm, clean and tasty. Slice it 1cm think and fry it simply in butter for 1-2 mins per side, leaving the centre a little pink. Serve with fried bacon and onions as a traditional accompaniment. If you feel like spending a bit of time and doping something new, then look up a recipe for pork liver pate. We recommend the River Cottage one, and we can?t see how you would improve it: sausagemeat, liver, sage, garlic, breadcrumbs and port. Mixed and pressed into a terrine dish and baked slowly in a bain-marie. Turn out and slice on toast served with gherkins or cornichons


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