Organic rare breed Dry Cure Ham


Nothing beats a hot ham, served with mustard mash

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We dry cure our pork legs just like we do our loins and bellies for bacon. It’s a simple system, bone out and trim our pork legs, add some dry cure and rub into the meat all over. Leave for a week, then rinse off, dry, and hang the joint for a week to allow the cure to reach all parts of the pork. Rinse your joint in cold water and if you want to remove some of the salty taste you can cover the joint and bring to the boil, then pour of that water and start again to cook your ham. If you like a saltier ham then leave out that first step. Allow 20 mins simmering time per 500g of ham. Leave the piece to cool a bit once cooking time is over. Slice and serve with mustard mash and a chopped fried onion, pineapple and coriander salsa.

Our organic drycure mix contains: Sea salt, organic sugar, preservative E250(0.25%)

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