Organic rare breed Dry Cure Gammon Steaks


Dry cured with NO nitrates, quick to cook and tasty to eat. Each pack contains 2 Gammon Steaks for you to enjoy.

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We dry cure our pork legs just like we do our loins and bellies for bacon. It?s a simple system, bone out and trim our pork legs, add some dry cure and rub into the meat all over. Leave for a week, then rinse off and dry and hang the meat for a week to allow the cure to reach all parts of the pork. Then slice to make those delicious gammon steaks. We fry these in the pan and then add some pineapple slices and blacken those in the gammon fat left behind. Here?s one dish in the 1970s UK cuisine that I hope never leaves our nations consciousness. It?s a great match.

Our organic drycure mix contains: Sea salt, organic sugar, preservative E250(0.25%)


Hugh Grierson Organic