Organic home bred Leg of Lamb on the bone


Traditional Sunday roast cooking with garlic and rosemary for a family feast

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Who doesn’t love a traditional sunday roast. Leg of lamb on the bone is a succulent cut with a layer of fat over the joint and marbling through the meat. It roasts easily, carries flavours well and roasted on the bone allows the meat juices from the bone to permeate and baste the meat. Stud it with sliced chunks of garlic and rosemary for that traditional taste. Be brave, get a sharp knife and make deep wide cuts in the meat, pop a 1/3 of a garlic love and some rosemary leaves into the whole. A wee peep of rosemary should be poking out, but nothing more. The garlic and rosemary cook with the meat releasing their aromatic oils perfectly complimenting those 100% pasture fed lamb flavours in the meat.

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Hugh Grierson Organic