Organic home bred Boneless Leg of Lamb


Bone out for slightly easier carving, serve with redcurrant jelly, roast potatoes & onion gravy

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Prepare your boneless leg of 100% pasture fed organic lamb with rosemary and garlic for a traditional tasty roast. Spear the meat with a sharp knife and push chunks of garlic and rosemary leaves in with your fingers. Boneless for easier carving, this makes for a great entertaining cut, roast to cook pink about 25mins per 500g in a hot (220C) oven with an added 25 mins if you like it a little better done. Rest your joint, and remember that lamb retains its heat after you take it out of the oven and will carry on cooking for a bit. Get your serving plate nice and hot to keep and fat or juices that drip nice and hot to add to your gravy.

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1kg, 2kg, Whole Approx. 3kg


Hugh Grierson Organic