Organic Aberdeen Angus Rib of Beef on the bone (FROZEN)


The celebration roast beef, for Christmas and beyond, on the bone for maximum flavour

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Slightly more difficult to carve than rolled rib of beef, if you’re dedicated to doing the right thing beef wise, then go for it on the bone. It looks better, tastes better, makes better gravy and is easier to cook as it’s the structure of the bone helps it sit up in the roasting pan. The organic 100% pasture fed bone helps to give great flavour to the meat juices so you can make a stunning dark rich gravy to go over your celebration organic roast. Two bones feeds 6-8 and 4 bones will feed 10 -16. A big one from a large Aberdeen Angus beef steer will feed up to 20. That’s a fun lunch.

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Hugh Grierson Organic