Organic rare breed Pork Sausages (FROZEN)


The family staple, organic, 95% pork meat, and gluten free too

Each pack contains 8 delicious sausages

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Grilled or fried, or chopped up and turned into a traditional sausage casserole with apple ginger and onion, or add fried onions, tomatoes and chilli and turn them into a pasta sauce, a packet of pork sausages can go a long way and be a versatile, and tasty family supper solution. Made with the fattier parts of the pork carcase, we use 95% meat mixed with a small amount of spices. We keep them gluten free, our boys said they tasted better that way. Who?s to argue with a 13 year old boy about the taste of sausages. They are the experts after all


Hugh Grierson Organic