Organic Aberdeen Angus Beefburger


Classic Aberdeen Angus beefburgers, 93% meat with just a few key spices, super tasty

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We have a burger stand at Perth Farmers Market every 1st Saturday of the month. The shop assistants in a well known chain store up the high street told me one day that it was their lunchtime treat to come for our Classic Angus Beef Burgers with caramelised onions and mature cheddar toppings, and was a shop Saturday to be looked forward to accordingly. They’re good, made from the flank meat of our organic beef carcases, with only 5% organic breadcrumb and spices added. It’s the organic pepper and organic ginger that adds a mild zing, and the salt that brings out the flavour of the beef. Make your own at home with our Classic Aberdeen Angus beef burgers. But do get a decent bread roll. Many a great burger spoiled by a bad roll.

Ingredients: 93% Aberdeen Angus Beef, wheat flour, yeast, salt, pepper, ginger, antioxidant E300

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