Organic rare breed Pork Chipolatas (FROZEN)


Those little sausages we all love at Christmas, 16 bite sized sausages as a garnish for your Christmas bird

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So is it time to make your Christmas an organic, high animal welfare, and an extremely tasty one? Although the turkey is the centrepiece of the Christmas feast, don?t neglect the pork trimmings. A trimming it may be but everyone likes a small sausage on the side of a plate of tasty turkey. To let you into a secret, the chipolatas are just the same recipe as our standard pork sausages, they?re just smaller. They?re also Gluten free so you?re covered for that if you have a surprise extra guest who may need that. Sixteen little sausages in a pack, allow at least 2 per person and whatever you don?t eat on the 25th will be mopped up on Boxing day in a sandwich, or a pie.


Hugh Grierson Organic