Organic home bred Lamb Shoulder on the Bone


Slow roast only, until the meat comes off the bone

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There’s lots of muscles in the shoulder, which means lots of 100% pasture fed organic connective tissue and fat, and this means lots of flavour, if you cook it slowly and for long enough. Get your oven to about 100C and prepare this after breakfast. It should be ready by the evening. Place your rolled shoulder of lamb in a deep roasting dish and add about 1cm water. Add a peeled halved onion, a whole carrot and a celery stick. If you have parsley, thyme or rosemary throw that in too. Cover with tinfoil like a parcel and slow roast all day. Remove from the pan, untie your roast, and shred the meat onto a very hot serving plate. Sprinkle over torn fresh mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice. Eat with lots of roast vegetables. Super tasty easy cooking.


Hugh Grierson Organic

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