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6:03 pm, December 31, 2012

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Its New Year, we are all looking back over 2012, and making resolutions. That’s fine. Its good to aspire to something. For us, like many others, its been a year of highs and lows. We closed our butchery counter in Earthy Foods and Goods in Edinburgh on Jan 14th 2012, and set up beef, lamb and pork production at the farm 2 days later. A great move, a more flexible service for customers and apart from anything I get to have a daily chat with our butcher Moray, whose insight into the world is delivered with a large knife in his hand, so its always worth a listen. For 2013 we have set up shop on the days he is here. Pop into the farm butchery next to the Silver POD at the farm gate and he’ll cut you what you want. Its an extension of our honesty shop, and an exciting step forward for us.

In 2012 we have seen a continued interest in sustainable farming and food production methods, and in Scotland I believe there is now a strong network of interlinked organizations & people whose aims are all closely aligned. From farmers & growers, to retailers and chefs, incorporating & being guided by charities like the Soil Association and movements like Slow Food & the Fife Diet. Journalists, food writers and PR people are in the supportive mix too: we need you, you tell our stories. The outcome of this is that each part of that network feels more confident about its contribution and so shouts a little bit louder every time. We are reaching a critical mass and soon everyone will want to join in the fun. This is how real change happens, and it feels good.

Nowhere was this power of the critical mass more starkly laid out for me this year than at Slow Food’s Terra Madre meeting in Turin. The understanding that our farm is a tiny part of something as big and bold as the Slow Food movement took my breath away. Their aspirations are so far reaching you feel that anything is possible. That freedom of thought has a spirituality about it that is beyond the material. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as aware of money as the next business. Its just that in order to get out of bed each day with a bounce in your step you need to have a vision or even, dare I say it, a dream. Just occasionally, and I do know this, dreams do come true.

Happy New Year Folks