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Renewable Energy

10:45 am, June 19, 2012

Since we went organic in 2000 we have considered how to move our business away from its reliance on fossil fuels. Its a process which we have begun in small and larger ways here at Newmiln.

March 2012

We installed 3 sets of ground mounted small scale solar panels next to our chicken sheds. A significant portion of their electricity is now produced in a clean renewable manner.

We believe that farms need to do more than provide energy for their own use. By harnessing natural resources land can provide communities with renewable energy.

June 2012

We are working on a proposal to install 4 wind turbines that would supply enough electricity for 7000 homes. The Scottish Government has set a target of 100% of Scotland’s energy needs to come from renewables by 2020.

We are proud to be playing our part in what is a big leap forward for Scotland.

In future we may be able to use this energy to power our butchery chills, our delivery vehicles and maybe even the tractors that plough the land. This helps to move our business away from reliance on fossil fuels.
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