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Beef is Beautiful

6:27 pm, February 10, 2012

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I read an alarming statistic this week: in 2009 in the UK we wasted an average 330kg of food per household per year. Food labelling has a part to play and big retailers are now beginning to address this issue. I believe that reducing our food waste comes down to daily small choices, such as composting and taking a little time to care.

On our farm we spend a lot of time measuring and recycling our animal waste. In our butchery its a constant pressure to use everything and by and large we get it right for our lamb, pork & chicken. That Beef is tricky though. I spend time talking customers out of eating fillet steak and into eating rump or slow cook cuts like shin or brisket. I believe that the better value cuts offer a really great eating experience. In past blogs and emails I’ve wittered about shins, featherblades, & briskets. I’ve even waxed lyrical about mince and how to cook it perfectly. Its become a passion of mine to figure my way properly round our Aberdeen Angus beef carcases and share the good news.

My latest is the flank of beef. Pork Belly is fabulous to cook, I’m always sold out of breast of lamb and mutton each week at the markets I go to, then why not try it with Beef. The anatomy is the same its just a whole lot bigger.

I’ve been nagging my butcher on this topic and fiddling around in my kitchen of an evening with my knives searching for the various cuts to be found in the beef flank. I’ve discovered skirt steak, bavette & onglet; all interesting in their own way, but getting down to it, I want to make a great burger.

I had great fun on Tuesday in my butchery making burgers for the first Burgher Burger pop up restaurant night in Edinburgh run by Aoife Behan. Our good pal Neil Forbes was the guest chef and we supplied the burgers. I used a simple mix of beef flank & some other interesting cuts which shall remain nameless. On the advice of one of London’s finest butchers Nathan Mills I ground it coarsely and chef asked for just a dash of pepper. Then I cooked and ate one, fried not grilled. The burger was fabulous, cooked pink and oozing meaty juiciness with that lovely well hung flavor of properly matured grass fed beef.

The night was a great success. In the end people are having fun & eating the best ingredients cooked simply. I’m calling them the Classic Angus Burger because thats what it is: just great beef.

Order them, we sell them in packs of 4 x 125g. Next time you’re at Perth Farmers Marketon March 3rd we’ll be frying them. Come and try one.

Food goes in fashions just like clothes, 15 years ago it was lamb shanks, 7 years ago it was pork bellies, 2012 its burgers. They’re red hot, and do you know why? Because they taste great, they’ re affordable, and they don’t cost the earth.