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TIME: The Essential Ingredient

12:28 pm, October 30, 2011

  • Honesty Shop at the farm open 8am-8pm for meat and eggs
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TIME: The essential ingredient

I’m late this month with my email: Time has been much on my mind. We are given so much of it: about 75 to 80 years each and yet we seem to be determined as a species to use it in a less than happy way. We shoehorn more into each day, hurtling through our lives telling ourselves that getting that final email sent or that extra phone call made will make a difference.

However we are a business and in any business Time is money.

Recently I was preparing for a school visit for 2 classes of eight to nine year olds. I realised I needed to describe organic in very simple terms. There is so much noise around the word these days and I wanted to drill it down. So I came up with this equation: Clover + sunlight + dung= organic food

In a world where highly processed food is a routine part of our diet, it’s a sum of what goes into organic food; very little. But I forgot that crucial ingredient; TIME. We have to grow our chickens for a minimum of 70 days instead of 38 (the standard age of a cheap chicken), keep our piglets with their mother sow for twice as long, wait for 3 years for our soil fertility to replenish before we can get a crop of potatoes, wheat or vegetables off a field, etc. and so our food ends up more expensive. Time is money. So what do you, the customer, get for that investment? There has to be a payback.

By buying food directly from us, you buy things like:

1. Higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids (the ones so good for our brains) in organic grass fed meat
2. NO routine antibiotics fed to any of our animals
3. NO pesticides used on the land your food is grown on
4. A farming system that recycles as much as possible back into our soil
5. High standards of animal welfare
6. Greater numbers of bird species on the farm
7. No GMOs in your food
8. Food with an underlying clean, sweet flavor
9. Great tasting food, so you don’t need to use so much

Yes times are tough financially for everyone, and our produce isn’t cheap, but cheap food is cheap for a reason.

You could put the case like this:

“Better meat, less often, for slightly more money. It will taste better, be better for you, and for the world around you”