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Blasda: Scotlands Local Food Feast September 10th

12:00 pm, August 26, 2011

BlasdaBBQ Blasda offer for 10 (or more!) £25

You get:

  • 10 x 4oz Burgers (mix & match flavours Classic Beef, Lamb & Mint, Chilli & Coriander Beef)
  • 20 pieces chicken wings or drumsticks
  • 10 lamb chops

Pre order 01738 730201 by Monday 5th September for pick up at our farm shop Thurs 8th Sept, at Edinburgh Farmers Market Sat 10th September or call the butchery counter at
Earthy Foods & Goods 07718 236497

Last month I wrote about how food can help us to “Eat, relax and enjoy our lives”. Our harvest is now approaching and I am grateful for the business decision that we made some years ago to only grow grain on the farm to feed our chickens and reduce our business risk by not growing grain for the international commodity markets. As a grower its protected us against the price volatility that is inherent in our global food system. More importantly though it has reduced our fuel use; we make our chicken feed here rather than having it done 400 miles away.

We have been growing and selling our own meat & eggs directly since 2003, we added vegetables last year and have an orchard underway for the not so distant future. We are not alone in embracing this concept of “growing our own”. There is a global food revolution on the march as people realise elements of our food system are unsustainable in its current guise. The common sense approach of the Fife Diet started just down the road. Its success has kick started a local food revolution in Scotland and across the UK. To me its not a dogma, its about being practical. We can live without mangoes, because we can grow plums or apples instead.

At the heart of our local food movement, though is the realignment of land use, and changing our habits. Change is never easy but I’ll freely admit that I really enjoy what I do with food both in our business and at home: growing & harvesting or processing our own food, working with the seasons, and cooking with what I have that day, rather than working strictly to a recipe.

To celebrate the our growing local food movement the Fife Diet have launched “Blasda” on the weekend of Saturday 10th September. What is it?

“We are Scotland’s local food feast. Blasda is gaelic for tasty, delicious, appetising, sweet. From blas (“taste, flavour”). As in “That vindaloo’s blasda!” Blasda is the chance for the local food movement across Scotland to come together and celebrate our growing strength.

For us that’s what it feels like – We are part of a burgeoning community of people, businesses and community groups who understand that we need a range of solutions for our food needs.

So as part of Blasda we are putting on an offer to help you create your own local food feast. Break out the BBQ for one last burst of summery enthusiasm, get the family round and put the local home grown food thing to the test: I bet its “Blasda”