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Our Farm Butchery open MON TUE WED FRI 8-4pm


10:07 am, September 24, 2010

Hugh and SaschaHonesty Shop open daily 8am to 8pm for fresh meat, eggs, fresh veg and potatoes

Order meat before 3pm Monday for pick up Thursday 2pm onwards

Trust: it’s a big issue these days. The banking crisis was all about trust. No one knew who owned the worthless debt, the whole system froze and we are all still dealing with the fallout.

For us trust is integral to what we do. We ask you to trust us to sell you the very best produce, produced to high standards with no shortcuts. We are audited carefully by a range of inspectors to make sure we maintain those standards but on a day to day basis you have to believe in what we do. So in return we trust you to shop and pay at our honesty shop without us checking up on you. Its small and simple but it works. You can pick up your order, or buy beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, fresh vegetables and potatoes in there.

The comments in our visitor book are testament to a different way of doing things.

  • “Its so nice to be trusted”
  • “What a great system”