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Arran Victory potatoes

9:25 am, June 2, 2009

Summer is here at last, after a cold wet spring and a difficult potato planting season, we finally have some hot weather. Everyone is smiling, and going about their day with a spring in their step. We have planted a number of different varieties of potato this year and hope to have some delicious ones to sell later on in the season. We are hopeful for a traditional variety called Aran Victory. This is a purple skinned potato with a lovely fluffy white flesh. We tried it out before we planted it. It makes excellent mash, good for chips and will bake up very well. Its hard to think about hot winter food in this weather though and thoughts are turning to summer food. Its a great time of year for fruit and veg, at the farmers’ market there is still asparagus to be had, but only for another week or 2 and then its all go for the berry season. We don’t grow asparagus or berries here, yet. We do have a couple of small polytunnels, a plan, and a certain amount of enthusiasm so lets see how we get on. Maybe next year. Lets hope for a good summer.