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9:36 am, September 17, 2008

Feeding organic birds can be a very expensive exercise. Here at Newmiln Farm, rather than driving wheat all the way around the world, we grow our own grains and feed them to our chickens. I believe this helps us reduce our carbon footprint, food miles and enhances our sustainability.

I think ultimately within the production of chicken at large we’ve got two extremes that are going away from each other. Commercial operations are getting bigger and bigger where our focus is on producing more quality rather than quantity, getting smaller but also getting more specialised.

The future for us is moving from conventional breeds back to the more traditional breeds, we’ve done this with the cattle herd and I’m in the process of producing our own breed of sheep. I think that’s the next stage for improving our quality of chicken and we can achieve this best through breed and life quality. This idea appeals to me more than expanding, getting ever bigger is not our aim, we’re really about finding a level of sustainability that suits both our farm and our efforts to bring the best possible product to our customers.