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Many people often ask me, “is it busy in spring?”

Spring-time means lambing and calving, and while this can be an exciting time with the number of head more than doubling it also means a huge increase in workload and time to look after all the new arrivals. One thing many people may not realise is that this time also requires we plan ahead as the requirement for good nutrition also increases. So we rotate our herds quite frequently to make sure we get the best out of each and every field.

This means at the start of spring we all sit with everything crossed waiting for that new boost of grass to come in so all the animals that are heavily pregnant and lambing or calving and finish their pregnancy safely.

When the grass does come in fully we start shutting grass off for surplus, to make silage for the next year.

At the same all the crops need to be planted. The ground dries out enough and we’ve got to get all the cereals and all the potatoes planted. Planting the tatties is a huge job and requires we make sure all our machinery is in good order so it doesn’t break down when we need to get going and we have to get the ground ploughed so that the late frosts of February and March break down the ground so that it’s ready to work.

When the time comes everyone works long days…all leave is cancelled…wives are forbidden from booking things in on weekends…and we just work for every moment it’s dry until it’s all done, however long that takes is not in our hands but in the hands of the weather.

Thankfully, once that work is done the summer months are generally more relaxed and along with the rest of the country July is holiday time….