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Hugh Grierson's Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Pasture Fed Beef

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Farm Tour : Pure Bred Aberdeen Angus Beef

We produce pure bred Aberdeen Angus beef at Newmiln. This helps us to achieve the best meat eating quality and guarantee consistency of our organic beef. The Aberdeen Angus breed is Scotland’s traditional meat breed. It traditionally has fantastic intramuscular fat or marbling through the meat giving our organic beef great flavour, taste and tenderness.

Aberdeen Angus also do well on grass, an important factor in our organic farming system. We grow clover here at Newmiln to build soil fertility in a natural way, with NO artificial fertiliser. Grass fed beef also has been shown to have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids (the good ones) than grain fed beef. Its a more sustainable system to use grassland to feed cattle especially in Scotland where alot of land is not suitable for growing grain.